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Taking online education mainstream by conducting life skills is the goal. Career development only happens when the training makes a person job ready. We intend to bridge the gap in modern education and take this alternative education system mainstream.

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Studying abroad or at home, it is important to have a practical exposure to put learning into use. Choose the best Universities to suit your career goals within your budget. Studying abroad need not be expensive or a shock, it can be the best experience of one's life. Fill the gaps with our unique practical training.

Jay Bharadhwaj — Founder & CEO.

Skills are the driving force behind a successful career. There is no dearth of opportunities and internet has created a level playing field for everyone. Learning is the cornerstone of transformation.

Information is available everywhere, it’s now possible to learn form those who have walked the path to be able to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes once again.

Aspirations turn into reality when your focus on your passion. Turn your passion to profession and be the guiding light to other aspirants. 


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What Our Students Say

Clearly the best decision to have utilised the services and hopefully they are able to transform more lives like mine.
Arjun Jaggi
From San Diego, USA
A very genuine website with a guaranteed outcome. I am in Germany for 3 years now completed my education and working.
Calvin Andrews
From Soest, Germany