About Us

With our decades of experience in education sector, we are trying to solve 3 major problems with today's education system:

Jay Bharadhwaj - CEO, Founder
Inderpreet Singh, Cofounder

Our Story

Our team members have been working in education sector and have a combined experience of over 5 decades. Using our prior experience, we are trying to develop an edtech platform powered by AI and ML. With years of research, we have created a solution to solve the woes of students and professionals alike.

Our solutions are aimed at solving 3 issues:

  1.  UniGrad: Create a personalised University matching and application portal and develop and AI to automate the process flow
  2. eGrad: e-learning platform to impart professional skills and make quality University education accessible to everyone
  3. Oraculi: Mentorship system to assist students to plan and navigate tough times in their career

Meet Our Team

Our team constitutes of experts in IT, Education Technology, Marketing, Quantitative Reasoning, Agriculture and Plant Genetics, Finance and Entrepreneurship. We are committed to creating the best edtech platform dedicated to holistic education to imparts real world skills and mentorship.

Jay Bharadhwaj

Expert in edtech, fintech and clean energy, 10 years of experience in edtech sector . MTech, MSc

Inderpreet Singh

MBA(Finance) and brings his prior experience from running his own e-learning and e-commerce business.

Lakshmi Ravikumar

Teacher and administrator of over 30 years and have taught over 2000 students. BSc, BEd, PGD

Lekhashri Ranjitha

Expert in operations and content development, MSc Ag (Genetics) and researcher in food technology.

Faraz Sheikh

RCIC, TEFL, TESL, TESOL and trainer for  IELTS and GMAT. Student counselor for 7 years

Eero Soots

Canadian Estonian professional in IT Law and former IELTS examiner with British Council, Tallinn

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What Our Students Say

Clearly the best decision to have utilised the services and hopefully they are able to transform more lives like mine.
Arjun Jaggi
From San Diego, USA
A very genuine website with a guaranteed outcome. I am in Germany for 3 years now completed my education and working.
Calvin Andrews
From Soest, Germany