It is easy to get a job after doing MS in the US?

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The United States is the world’s largest economy and a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. However your qualifications, i.e. the degrees that you possess does not assure you a job. There are plenty of factors which have to be taken into consideration during the course of job hunt. Priority is always given to American Citizens and Permanent Residents (Green Card) and International Students who have stellar profiles might still have to go through the grind of the bureaucratic process of finding a sponsor. The process however is not as straightforward as it sounds and many companies have dedicated professionals to deal with these issues allowing you to focus on your main task. Following the American dream has transformed many lives and continues to do so even today.

Graduates from top Universities like MIT, Harvard & Stanford do not find jobs solely on the merit of their qualification. Admission process encourages students to develop skills, rote learning is systematically discouraged and a holistic approach where education is hands on is preferred. While it is possible to get a job in the US and relocate from anywhere in the world, it is also true that not everyone can do it. Studying in the US improves your local network and you are eligible to avail Optional Practical Training (OPT) of 12 months with and an additional 24 months available for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates. During these years you can work full time and gain valuable local experience while proving your mettle to your employer, thus making a strong case to retain you by being an unalienable asset. Value creation is the crux and some high skilled professionals are routinely sponsored Permanent Residence (Green Card) by the employer.

There are various work visas which you might qualify for, the most popular one being H1B. There is a quota of 65000 applications per year and selection is made by a lottery. Graduates from US Universities have an additional quota of 20000 which increases your chances over someone applying from abroad. H1B is not the only way to legally work in the US, there are other visas types depending upon your country of origin, personal status and in some cases there also some employer specific visas which you might qualify for. It is definitely tougher for an International student in comparison to an American but it’s also a fact that the US admits more than a million immigrants every year.

If you are moving out of your native land to overcome the competition with an idea that a degree would make the cut for you, it might be a terrible assumption. However, if you are one of the top performers and a high skilled professional at the top of your trade, you’ll be able to beat the competition. Whatever the situation is, you need patience and perseverance and be prepared to develop a thick skin as things might not always go as per plan. You are the best judge of yourself and if you feel you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for the grind, welcome to USA. If you feel otherwise, there are loads of other options across the globe which might be just right for you, keep exploring without prejudice and you’ll find your true calling.

It all boils down to what you do and who you become in USA after completing your masters be it MS, MA or an MBA. Your skills will determine if you are good enough to gain the attention of the recruiter. If you are an inevitable asset, you would be picked up from anywhere in the world and being a graduate from an American University will just be a bonus. Performance matters and that’s the only thing capable of taking you places and putting a job offer in your hands. I would suggest you keep skill development as your top priority and keep your focus right.


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Jay Bharadhwaj

CEO, Gradpro

Jay is based out of Tallinn, Estonia and completed MSc Mechatronics from TalTech with DoRa and tuition waiver scholarships. He has helped hundreds of students choose the right destination to study across the globe from US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, New Zealand, Ireland etc.

Plays Cricket for Tallinn United, writes blogs and reads motivational books during free time. A strong proponent of lifelong learning and working on making GradPro a one stop solution for every student.